About Us

Walking into a new church can be intimidating and at times terrifying depending on your previous church experience. If you are considering attending one of our worship gatherings, we pray that you would take the vulnerable step and come check it out! We can’t fully describe what you will experience, but at least we can try to give you an idea of what to expect.

On a Sunday morning you might see some people in a suit and tie, others in a t-shirt and shorts, and a lot of in between.  We believe that God doesn’t expect us to clean ourselves up before we come to Him and His church; so we say, come as you are.  Our worship gatherings usually last around 45 minutes to an hour and includes worship through music, the preaching of God’s Word, prayer, and communion.  We also periodically celebrate through believer’s baptism.



We follow the Bible as closely as possible. The Bible is the blueprint on how we should live our lives. We strongly believe that if we follow the Word that we will grow stronger as a community, and close to God. We rely heavily on what the Bible says so that we may not stray away from the path that God has set before us.


Focus on God, and continue the path he has set before you. As long as we keep our focus on God we can not stray. God has set forth a path for us to follow. He has a very specific set of plans that he wants us to follow, and it is our mission to follow His instructions as closely as possible. We understand that we all fall short of the glory of God. We pray and work everyday to do our very best.


Looking out for each other and engaging in fellowship goes a long way. As long as we love one another we will grow stronger as a community of believers. We feel that engaging in fellowship is a very important tool that God calls for us to do as often as possible. If we continue to reach the lost and broken, and extend grace, God will bless us for our efforts.

Our Pastors

Pastor Timothy Brondyke

Senior Pastor

Pastor Timothy Brondyke has been Senior Pastor at Fish Lake Bible Church for 25 years. Pastor Brondyke received his BA in Bible from Bob Jones University, his MA from Baptist Bible Seminary, as well as additional graduate training in counseling and pastoral leadership. Pastor Tim has served in ministry for over 43 years in Youth, Music, and Senior Pastorates. His passion is to teach the whole counsel of God. Focused on leading FLBC in reaching our community with the Gospel, teaching the Bible, and serving God. Pastor Tim and Mary Beth have been married for 43 years. They have 3 married children and 4 grandchildren.  If you would like to contact Pastor Brondyke, please do so by sending a email from the button below.

Pastor Timothy Stover

Associate Pastor of Youth & Outreach

Pastor Timothy Stover has been with Fish Lake Bible Church for just over a year. Pastor Stover graduated from Grace Christian University with an Associate's Degree in Leadership & Ministry and is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies through Piedmont International University (online).  Pastor Stover and his wife Beth have been married for almost 13 years and have 3 children.  Pastor Stover's passions and convictions in ministry are to speak into the lives of men and to teach the youth the truth of the Word of God. If you would like to contact Pastor Stover please do so by sending a email from the button below.

New Here?

Service Times


Sunday School and Life Application Hour:


Morning Service:

10:45AM- 11:45AM

Youth Clubs

(The Dock; Olympians; Gophers)


Evening Service:


Service Times Cont'd


Prayer Meetings: 7pm-8pm

"Dig' N' Deeper": 7pm-8pm

"Waverunners": 7pm-8pm



We offer multiple ministries to meet the needs of our congregation. Please check out the groups below and feel free to come join us!

Contact Us


phone: 269-651-2753

Drop in and see us:

25108 Banker St, Sturgis, MI 49091



Children's Ministry

Kids are welcome to join in! We have a ton of fun stuff going on here. We get to learn about the life of Jesus and the Bible while often digging into some games and arts and crafts.

Teen's Ministry 

Our Teen Group, known as 'The Dock,' meets Wednesday nights at 7pm. Come jump into God's Word at The Dock! 

Men's Ministry

Men's Ministry is a ministry dedicated for the fellowship of men. We truly believe that iron sharpens iron. We would love for you to visit our ministry and see what it is all about.  .